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With lots to see and do during the weekend, this page has all the details of all the events to help you plan your weekend.






The event is now open at our Dereham and Wymondham Stations.

We have vehicles and stalls at Dereham, with food and drinks available at most stations.



Thetford Dads army museum


Thetford Dads army museum will have characters from the TV series based at Dereham station as well as Jones's van.





Battle Re-enactment


This takes place at Dereham station each day, and is one of the highlights of the weekend, (do be aware that there are large bangs and explosions during this event.)


Sign on the Line




‘Sign on the Line’ is a Living History snapshot of a WLA recruitment drive in 1943 when entry into the Women’s Land Army was at its peak, resulting in a membership standing at some 80,000 members.


You are invited to watch the work of the ladies of the Women’s Land Army (Mid Norfolk Committee) who were the driving force behind the deployment of all land girls in the County during and after the Second World War.

Wymondham Abbey Halt is prepared for the arrival of potential recruits for the sign-up process for all young women who wish to join the WLA, and where new members can present their call up papers to collect their initial supply, prior to travelling on to their first posting to the nearby training farms where they will receive their initial instruction.


In the Sign on the Line HQ in the Abbey Halt field you may find potential recruits meeting the County Secretary and WLA County officers from the districts; with period paperwork and advertising. The HQ will host the Uniform Collection point where new recruits can present their call up papers and collect their initial uniform supply prior to travelling on to their first posting. You can see uniform parcels being checked for issue by the busy WLA County staff and the re-issue of second hand/returned items.


As it's a busy time, the station will also be the meeting point for new recruits arriving at their posting destinations, you will see WLA Forewomen and Hostel Supervisors who are responsible for billeting arrangements waiting for new arrivals and sorting travel to the nearby training farms so they can begin to receive their initial instruction in both arable and dairy work.


At 11am each day,Wymondham Abbey Halt will prepare for the arrival of the Hon Lord/Lady Suffield, who will address the gathered WLA county personnel and public to deliver a speech that will give thanks to the sterling work of the Women’s Land Army and their vital contribution towards the war effort. The speech will be followed by an introduction to the assembled county staff and War Agricultural Executives followed by the subsequent presentation of a gift basket to Lord/Lady Suffield by the WLA District Supervisor on behalf of the WLA Mid Norfolk Committee.


This year we are happy to welcome Jones's van from the popular Dads Army television series

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A Weekend back in time.


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